Vol. 29 - N. 3 - September 2017

ArticleAuthorsDOI Number
Direct quantification from serum samples of circulating cell-free DNA content: a complementary rapid and inexpensive tool for endometrial cancer management Lucia Cicchillitti, Giacomo Corrado, Martina De Angeli, Emanuela Mancini, Ermelinda Baiocco,Lodovico Patrizi, Ashanti Zampa, Roberta Merola, Aline Martayan, Laura Conti, Giulia Piaggio, Enrico Vizza10.146602385-0868-71
Smoking habits and endometriosis risk among infertile women: results from a case control study Elisabetta Garavaglia, Elena Ricci, Raffaela Cioffi, Giuseppe Trojano, Alessandro Bulfoni, Fabio Parazzini, Paola Viganò10.146602385-0868-72
Lipocalin-2 is not related with insulin resistance and chronic low-grade inflammation in women with polycystic ovary sindrome Soner Gok, Umit Cabus, Ilyas Turan, Cihan Kabukcu, Veysel Fenkci, Nedim Karagenc10.146602385-0868-73
Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma in the cervix with human papilloma virus infection: A case report and review of literature Hyun Young Kwon, Myoungseok Han, Yeon Jean Cho, Roh Mee Sook, Jung-Woo Park10.146602385-0868-74
How pregnant women perceive the risk related to Congenital Rubella Syndrome: a prospective study conducted at University “Federico II” of Naples. Anna Maria Spera, Vincenzo Bianco, Davide Simeone, Barbara Donnarumma, Grazia Tosone, Rosanna Zapparella, Orsola Tambaro, Achille Tolino, Raffaele Orlando10.146602385-0868-75

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