Vol. 27 - N. 3 - September 2015

ArticleAuthorsDOI Number
Low pregestational Fat Mass and subsequent maternal cardiovascular maladaptation in early pregnancy. The missing link for preeclampsiaGiulia Gagliardi, Grazia Maria Tiralongo, Ilaria Pisani, Damiano Lo Presti, Roberta Licia Scala, Gianpaolo Novelli, Barbara Vasapollo, Angela Adreoli, Herbert Valensise10.14660/2385-0868-020
Case-control study of the role of perineal application of an AC collagen/hyaluronic acid medical device on the maternal perineum at birth Silvia D’Ippolito, Alessia Fiorelli, Barbara Burlon, Giuseppa Caliri, Giovanni Scambia, Nicoletta Di Simone10.14660/2385-0868-021
Breastfeeding in italy: the role of obstetrician-gynecologistsRomana Prosperi Porta, Elise M. Chapin, Maria Grazia Porpora, Giuseppe Canzone10.14660/2385-0868-022
Serum levels of calcium and magnesium in pre-eclamptic- eclamptic patients in a tertiary institutionAbiodun Olusanya, Adekunle O Oguntayo, Aliyu I Sambo10.14660/2385-0868-023
A very rare case of uterine PEComa HMB45 negative: primitive or relapse?Basilio Pecorino, Giuseppe Scibilia, Antonio Galia, Paolo Scollo 10.14660/2385-0868-024
The potential role of preoperative serum cancer antigen CA 15-3 in the prognosis of breast cancerAdela Stoenescu, Daniel Herr, Christoph Gerlinger, Erich Franz Solomayer, Christoph Scholz, Ingolf Juhasz-Böss, Julia Radosa10.14660/2385-0868-025
Dangers and expenses of a first-level Obstetrics facility: a serious Italian concernUgo Indraccolo, Anna Maria Iannicco, Mirella Buccioni, Giuseppe Micucci10.14660/2385-0868-026

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