Vol. 27 - N. 1 - March 2015

ArticleAuthorsDOI Number
Laparoscopic radical hysterectomy with the use of SNAIL Tenaculumâ„¢. A simplified uterine manipulator for the management of early cervical cancerBarletta F., Corrado G., Vizza E.10.14660/2385-0868-012
Vaginal Erbium Laser: the Second Generation Thermotherapy for the Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause Gambacciani M., Levancini M. 10.14660/2385-0868-013
New therapeutic strategies in short cervical length: Arabin pessaries Juliano L., De Benedictis F., Guarino T., Schiattarella M.G. 10.14660/2385-0868-014
Serum C-reactive protein as potential independent prognostic factor for breast cancerStoenescu A., Gerlinger C., Solomayer E.F., Scholz C., Juhasz-Böss I., Radosa J.10.14660/2385-0868-015

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