Vol. 26 - N. 1-3 - March-September 2014

ArticleAuthorsDOI Number
Planned pregnancy termination and secondary hysterectomy at 15 weeks for fetal anomaly in a previously untreated Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation. A case reportParagona M. Brosio F., Riu P., Scassellati Sforzini G.10.14660/2385-0868-001
Sulphadoxine-Pyrimethamine and the prevalence of malaria (in blood and placenta) among booked women who have completed intermittent preventive treatment in Zaria, Northern NigeriaAkafa R., Oguntayo O.A., Samaila M.O.A. 10.14660/2385-0868-002
A Conservative Protocol for the Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage. Evaluation of its effectiveness in high risk patientsAffronti G., Giardina I., Epicoco G., Luzi G., Arena S., Clerici G.10.14660/2385-0868-003
Postpartum pubic symphysis diastasis: a case report and review of literatureSvelato A. Ragusa A. Spinoso R., Fiorino F., Calagna G., Forlani F., Perino A.10.14660/2385-0868-004
Case report: Uneventful at term twin pregnancy starting three months after complete hydatidiform mole diagnosisNatale A., Girardelli S., Vignali M., Zacchè M.M. Busacca M.10.14660/2385-0868-005

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